New Priorities for Public Finance

08.09.2011, 09h30 - 17h30, conference

Achieving Policy Coherence to Strengthen the State, Reduce Inequality and Promote Sustainable Growth

The financial and economic crisis has significantly contributed to the deterioration of the fiscal condition of almost every G20 nation since the onset of the crisis. It is therefore high time to discuss new priorities for public finance in the industrialized countries.
From mainstream theory we learn that it is not possible to coordinate fiscal and monetary policy, but we know that governments have a choice as to who will bear the burdens and who will benefit from this rebalancing of their economies: the rich through austerity, or the whole of society, including the vast middle and working classes via progressive taxation to sustain necessary social protections and jumpstart sustainable industrial policies.
The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung has the honour to welcome a selected group of international experts and policy makers to explore links between alternative economic models and new priorities for a progressive public finance policy.

Contact: Sidonie.Wetzig(at)