Missing Links – Making Trade Work for Workers

28.06.2017, 15h - 17h, Panel discussion,

Venue: European Parliament

In cooperation with Bernd Lange, MEP, Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on International Trade, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung invites to a panel discussion to explore future avenues for the social dimension of EU trade policies.
Sustainable development chapters have become an integral part of the European Union’s free trade agreements. While they feature as a prominent element of a value-based approach to trade policy, they face criticism for their perceived lack of enforceability and consequently their effectiveness. Join our experts as they discuss lessons learned, the current situation and future of this central aspect of the EU’s free trade agreements.
As speakers we are very pleased to welcome Do Quynh Chi, Director at Research Center for Employment Relations, Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Trade, Bernd Lange, MEP, Chairman of the Committee on International Trade, Ken Ash, Director of Trade and Agriculture at OECD and one more panellist of ILO (tbc).

Contact: Daniela.Iller(at)fes-europe.eu

Please Register until 20.06.2017

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