What Peace for Colombia?

25.04.2017, Roundtable, 15h00-17h00 (Registration starts at 14h30)

Street Art Bogota, Colombia. © Juan Cristobal Zulueta /

After more than 50 years of civil war, the Colombian government has finally struck a peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in August 2016. When it was narrowly rejected in a constitutional referendum in October, the obstacles to a sustainable resolution of the conflict became once again all too clear. Besides political opposition and public distrust to the deal, a multitude of post-conflict risks persists ranging from weak state structures and the illicit drug trade to high levels of inequality and the continued violence and attacks by armed groups. The peace deal might also polarise again pollical parties in the upcoming elections in 2018 and despite being another step to lasting peace the long-delayed talks with the guerrilla group ELN are likely to become uneasy and difficult.

To discuss the challenges to the country’s transition to peace but also to foster the dialogue with experts and CSO in Europe FES EU Office has invited a delegation of experts and political activists from Colombia. Our guests are Alvaro Sierra, journalist and advisor to the Centro Nacional de Memoria and UN Mission in Colombia, José Antequera Guzmán, lawyer and human rights activist; and Rodolfo Arango, lawyer and professor of Philosophy, Universidad de los Andes. The roundtable will be chaired by Lothar Witte, Director of FES Colombia.

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