Africa-EU Strategy: What trade is needed to promote sustainable development on the African continent?

23.06.2020, 11h00 - 12h30 (CEST), Webinar

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Speakers: Joachim Schuster (MEP, Member of the Committee on International Trade), Ilan Strauss (Senior Research Associate, Industrial Development (SARChl), University of Johannesburg; Lecturer in Macroeconomics, Rice University), Remco Vahl (Senior Expert, DG Trade, European Commission)

In this FES webinar “Africa-EU Strategy: What trade is needed to promote sustainable development on the African continent?” we would like to discuss how EU’s Communication “Towards a Comprehensive Strategy with Africa” needs to be adjusted to become a roadmap for a sustainable and equal partnership between both continents. The Corona crisis requires adjustments with regard to health care systems and public services in Africa. In addition, we would like to discuss what improvements are needed especially in the areas of trade, regional economic integration, and jobs to allow Africa a sustainable socio-economic development both after Covid-19 and in the long run.

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