Care Economy, Economic Justice and Sustainable Development

30.03.2017, 13h00 - 15h00, Roundtable

Who really cares-Matt Kieffer

Who cares? And how can state engagement and support – starting from a feminist approach to policy design to the allocation of sufficient funding and investment in the care economy – make a difference?

Public investment in social infrastructure, specifically in health and care, could help to tackle some of the central economic and social  problems  confronting  countries  in  emerging  economies. Investing in the care economy has the potential to create new jobs, reduce the burden of unpaid care and domestic work and to diminish many barriers to women’s participation in the labour market. Thus innovative and progressive care and investment policies can contribute  to  enhancing human development and realising key Sustainable Development Goals.

With that in mind, the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) EU Office are organizing an international experts’ roundtable on “Care Economy, Economic Justice and Sustainable Development” to discuss main findings of the ITUC report “Investing in the Care Economy – Simulating employment effects by gender in countries in emerging economies( with international experts from the European Union, Ghana, South Africa and Uruguay. We wish to enable an open exchange with representatives of international institutions, trade unions and NGOs as inter alia with Dagmar Schumacher, Director EU Office, UN Women; Jean Louis Ville (tbc), Acting Director Governance, Democracy, Gender, Human Rights, DG DEVCO, European Commission, the Women’s Budget Group and Chidi King, Director Equality Department, ITUC.

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