EU-Mercosur FTA negotiations

09. - 13.04.2018, closed dialogue programme

The negotiations for a free trade agreement between EU and Mercosur which started in 2000, took a difficult and prolonged route. Being suspended twice, the negotiations regained momentum in May 2016 and during 2017 the agreement achieved significant progress. However, the parties failed to achieve a political agreement at the end of 2017. Controversies remain in sensitive areas such as agricultural products but also social and environmental concerns have been raised by civil society and stakeholders in both regions.
FES EU Office has invited a delegation of regional trade union representatives as well as members of Mercosur Parliament to foster cooperation with their respective European counterparts. The aim of the dialogue programme is also to discuss the ongoing EU-Mercosur negotiations, its impact on the future bi-regional trade relations and in particular what both sides expect from the agreement.

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