FES Study Presentation: Housing, Land and Property Rights in Syria

19.09.2019, 10h - 12h

Hotel Martin’s Brussels EU, Boulevard Charlemagne 80


Copyrigth: Reuters Omar Sanadiki, A construction site is seen in Aleppo


As violent conflicts have engulfed various Arab countries, the region has become a focus for discussions on displacement and its effects on housing, land and property (HLP) rights. Wars have destroyed much of the physical fabric and entrenched communal differences in Syria, Libya, and Iraq. The future of HLP rights in these countries is linked to the kind of state emerging from a post-war political settlement, and how it addresses the tasks of ‘reconstructing’ the economy and re-imagining national identity. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung conducted a research study to substantiate the socio-political intricacies and local nuances involved in developing a context-specific understanding of HLP challenges. The struggle over socially just HLP rights involves refugees and displaced person, local civil society organisations, occupants of empty dwellings, war profiteers, foreign powers, external aid agencies and international organisations and state institutions in various stages of disrepair.

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