FES Study presentation: Youth in Southeast Europe

09.04.2019, 11h - 12h30, Study presentation

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Addressing the evident lack of channels giving young people a say in policy-making, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung commissioned representative surveys soliciting views from more than 10,000 respondents aged 14 – 29 in ten countries of Southeast Europe in early 2018. The reports produced in the course of this process cover a broad range of issues relating to young peoples’ experiences and aspirations in different realms of life, but also their values, attitudes, and beliefs.

What are the main concerns of young people in Southeast Europe? What are their expectations? Which political views do they hold? Do they enjoy equal opportunities? And what are the key take-aways for policy-making both in the countries of the region and in Brussels? These and other questions are the focus of our current, ground-breaking report on youth in Southeast Europe.

The actual findings are cause for both optimism and concern. Join us at this public presentation and discussion of results and entry points for policy-makers to find out more about the views and aspirations of youth in Southeast Europe.

Contact: Marco.Schwarz(at)fes-europe.eu



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