Improving the EU’s Civilian Crisis Management or Another Brick in the Wall?

11.10.2018, Expert's Roundtable on the Civilian CDSP, 10h30 - 12h30

Kosovo police officers guard the office of the European Union mission in Pristina: REUTERS/Hazir Reka (KOSOVO)

With the launch of PESCO at the end of last year, a huge step forward was achieved in giving the EU a stronger profile as security and defence actor. Both symbolically and financially, this agreement and its related activities and decisions holds significant integration potential. This year the EU Member States and the EEAS are setting out to strengthen their Civilian Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP). This process however does not draw as much attention as the preparations of PESCO, nonetheless its outcome will have a considerable impact on the image and the ambition of the CSDP.

So far the discussions have been limited to a few experts and Member State representatives, but it deserves wider attention. The key question is: will “Principles” or ”Pragmatism” be reflected in the EU’s Civilian CSPD in future? Concerns are voiced that the strategic shift that was formulated in the EU’s Global Strategy putting more emphasis on Europe’s security interest will be at the cost of traditional tools of civilian crisis management such as conflict prevention, strengthening rule of law, good governance.

We are organising this roundtable to bring together representatives of the EU Institutions as well as think tanks and NGOs to discuss the challenges and needs to reinforce the EU civilian CSDP capacities and priorities. Will the EU Member States commit sufficient capabilities and funds to beef up the civilian crisis management to tackle the diversity and complexity of today’s security challenges? How to prepare for a stronger Civilian Crisis Management that contains a clear message that European security concerns can only be addressed in an integrated and sustainable way?

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