Scenarios for the Relations between Serbia and Kosovo in 2035

10.07.2018, Presentation and Discussion, 11h00- 13h00

The post-war status quo in Serbia-Kosovo relations changed in 2011 with the launching of the Brussels dialogue under the auspices of the EU. This dialogue contributed to eliminating the numerous   administrative problems which burdened people’s everyday lives on both sides. Even though technical negotiations and political dialogue in Brussels resulted in a series of agreements, their full implementation has been lagging behind. For this reason, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung offices in Belgrade and Pristina wanted to contribute to the debate on improving relations between the two countries and to offer new perspectives by launching the project “Scenarios for Serbia-Kosovo Relations in 2035”. A multinational expert group developed four different scenarios on the state  of relations between Serbia and Kosovo in 2035. These scenarios do not attempt to predict the future but offer alternatives for the possible and plausible future. They can provide food for thought for decision-makers. Our experts will present the four scenarios in Brussels and discuss the future of relations between Serbia and Kosovo.

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